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    What ya'll paying on 2016's

    Hey all,

    Thinking of upgrading my 12 RS to a 2016. What kind of discounts are you finding or is it pretty much MSRP on the new Camaro?

    You can PM me pricing if you are not wanting to post publicly. Just want to get an idea if I can do it.


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    Like any car purchace, you need to "trust" the dealer but do your homework. Go on, and plug in differnet locations. In state and out. This gives ya an idea of where prices are. Now sometimes the big dealers sell cheaper but dont overlook that small place. When I worked for Goodyear, I got an "installer" discount. Saved me about $4500 on my Equinox. Some bigger corps have deals for cars but you need to ask. Its one of those perks no one knows about. Never belive that "that is the price." Always argue loan rate and do not be afriad to get up and leave. My Mom got her Van for 2% lower than they offered and many more perks. Always have a figure in your head. They need to sell more than you need to buy.

    Now trade value can be increased by getting a profesional detail, not Autobell stuff. Dont get fluid serives right before you go for trade in. This makes it look like you are covering something up. Do it a few weeks before if your going to. Like they say if it looks too good it probably is, well the dealer lives that. Check dealer locator and try the place that does not have your car. The reason is they may sell cheaper just to get the sale. There are all kinds of "tricks" if ya spend a little time.
    Also if ya dont now, do this for the new car.
    Get a Composision notebook the one with the marble cover. Use one page per day that you did something to the car. Log miles, staple receipts, date, and work done on that page. Now if a question comes up about warrenty you have writen proof of whats been done. Also when trading car in or selling this may not double sale price but it makes it hard to haggle you down.
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