We have all heard the claimed advantages of octane boost. Well there are some truthes behind this. Now for those that own a Gen5 or 6 this is not really going to help you. The ones that this octane boost will help the most is the guys with EFI. The reason is the ECU fuel curve and sensor input is programed to run on 100% gas. The 10% ethonal is just at the cusp of creating issues. The octane boost helps stabilze the burn rate of the 2 different fuels gas and ethonal. This will help some poor performance issues. Remember that the early LS motor and all the ones before that all were designed to run on good ol 100% gas. The newer motors about 2005 or so were progrmamed to run on a blend. All by 2008. so with the said Gen5 and newer dont need this added to a fill up.
A bikes shop did some testing on a few Harleys. The design of the motor highlights the use of this product. On a early EFI HD they picked up 4HP. Now to put that in real world that is about 6% HP gain. I know people who have spent thousands on exhuast and only picked up that much on a Harley. You may not see that much in a car motor but it could help some of that lack luster feel.

I will post later about how and why.